Friday, September 26, 2014

Techniques For Proper Oral Health

Not only is the action of these techniques that you must implement in order to have a radical change in your oral health, but that it should be a change at the level of your thought and grabár you it to fire and know to have Oral health or oral is very important so that later we can prevent diseases that settled here, such as caries, inflammation of gumsfight bad breath, precancerous lesions to the total loss of the dental element.

It is proven scientifically that all diseases which settle in the mouth is due to a basic problem, which means this?, well, that when there is no proper oral hygiene in the medium and short term we will have disease, since the bacteria that are found in the mouth are powerful irritants to our teeth and gums. That's why I want to that you begin to change your way of thinking when you implement a proper oral hygiene and when you higienizas well, think that these eliminating all those bacteria that do damage in your mouth.

The steps that you must implement are as follows:

1 straight toothbrush with bristles flat, with these brushes can have greater management of medium hardness and its bristles. It should not be used for more than 2 months since it lost its ability to clean, at the level of its bristles

2. tooth paste with high concentrations of fluorine, the latter prevents plaque and also strengthens teeth.

3. dental floss, is used for areas located level where the brush can not reach.

4. a mouthwash before bed of fluorine, which is everyday, since it comes from weekly use, will proceed to use it after brushing the night before going to bed.
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