Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Sleep Better

Sleeping is very related to dentistry, more precisely with BRUXISM, the latter is tooth clenching or grinding that occurs when we sleep and as a result run the dental elements. And how to prevent this disease?, well, could tell you that it is through different steps and also to change, somehow the style of life. If you learn everything that you say you sleep better.

I remember a patient came to my office with muscle pains in the face problems, inspected it, and saw I had dental wear in all teeth, asked him if by chance you squeezed the teeth at night or day, and he refused me, then asked if he dreamed much and the me story that much and that he remembered all his dreamsIt is a feature of the bruxers.  
Does that mean this?, that I actually told him, that he didn't sleep well, so to speak, was a very light sleep, which does not sound asleep. To sleep soundly one no dreams and also strengthens the immune system, and we have resistance to infections like the flu, on the contrary, if one does not sleep well this predisposed to diseases.

Then I gave him a series of steps to make it at home to start sleeping better:

1_ not eat sweets before bed, since it stimulates the central nervous system.

2_ not to eat chocolate before going to bed, also produces excitation of the central nervous system.

3_No watch TV 30 minutes before bedtime, because it affects our State of mood, for example a horror movie, where produces a lot of stress.

4_ do not use computer even if it is an hour before bedtime.

5_ not video games, also produce stress and therefore we do not reconcile the good sleep.

6_ trying not to have discussions before bedtime.

7_ not take coffee, mate, coca cola, energy drinks, etc.

These are some of the steps that you can begin to make your home in order to sleep better and prevent bruxism, because the important thing is not to alter the nervous of you, since the discharge of certain neurotransmitters that are carried out by the stimulus by intake of certain foods and stimuli, produce alterations to nervous level.

It is only a change of mentality, I suggest that you go to incorporating these steps of I by little and does not incorporate all the steps one time, they do in the early days 2 or 3 steps and then the following until incorporated definitely into you.
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