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How To Prevent Dry Lips Parties In Winter

Tips for beautiful lips in winter. Beautiful and soft lips can be the central point of your face, but if they are cracked and dry? Our lips have skin more smooth and transparent body, so it is important to take good care of them. Avoid unsightly lips cracked in the cold months by following these tips for lips, simple beauty and low cost, and get ready to Kiss this winter.

Do not lick your lips!

This says it all - it avoids this harmful habit. Although you can feel good when you do it, this only will lead to having lips dry, prone to cracking and worsen their appearance. No matter what so strong is the impulse, avoids lick you until you can get some lip balm.


If your lips are very dry and cracked, it will not only make your lipstick look Pasty and unattractive, but it can also cause an infection and a spread of bacteria. In this case, exfoliation can be your best ally, but keep in mind that you must be extremely careful in doing so. Let run a little hot water in a clean towel, apply olive oil on top of it and (too) gently rub lips with her to make the peeling skin comes out. Make sure not to cause bleeding, I know very soft! After a couple of minutes of massage, apply a bit of olive oil, Shea butter or coconut oil on your lips and wait 20 minutes before applying any makeup.

Apply a balm or balm before painting
When you start makeup, apply a balm or balm in your mouth before anything else. While you apply other cosmetics, such as base, mascara, or eyebrow gel balm will have time to absorb on the lips, forming a soft and smooth base for lipstick.

Hydrate consistently

Having a routine of hydration to the lips is just as important as that you have for your face and the rest of your body. Like them they can also prove age as in the skin of other places (for example face), is important to treated with a protective lip moisturizer regularly, especially in the evening before going to sleep. Some lip balms and guards have components irritants in their ingredients, so it is crucial to find a natural balm that improves the health and appearance of your mouth. If you don't have one of these products, you can do a hydration with your usual eye cream, which will do a similar job.

It starts from the inside

Drinking plenty of water helps moisturize your lips from the inside. As well as with the rest of the body and the skin, keep hydrated mouth helps keep it healthy and full, as well as less prone to dryness. Drinking water should always be the number one beauty tip. Make sure you also consume many foods rich in vitamin B, since this also contributes to the health of your lips. Avoid hard and salty foods (such as French fries), which can cause abrasions while you find out.

The important of search in a lip balm ingredients

Looking for lip balms and labial shields containing Shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, glycerin, beeswax, vitamin E and coconut oil. All these ingredients contain components that nourish and moisturize the lips naturally. Beeswax causes moisture to the skin and, in general, represents the absence of other harmful substances in the product (I prefer Burt completo Bees products, they are very moisturizing and one hundred percent natural).

If you need a quick solution

The best way to cure the very cracked and broken lips is to go straight to the source: apply oil of jojoba, coconut, organic honey directly to the lips, or Shea butter to seal the cracks and dampen immediately. Honey is one of the largest nostrums of nature; not only moisturizes the lips, but it also begins immediately to work in the creation of an enabling environment so that the skin cells start to grow again.

Although it is sometimes easy to forget our lips, keeping a routine of hydration, drinking liquid and looking for healthy ingredients in lip balms and lip protectors, you can have a soft and beautiful mouth throughout the winter.
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